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Picture Framers


What’s in a frame?

Many pictures in Sigmund & Jocelyn’s collection didn’t look their best when we  acquired them. Some were in original frames that were badly damaged. Other had been reframed decades back in a way that was stylish once - but no longer did them justice.


This is why the artworks in our collection have been reframed by us, or are unframed - enabling you to choose a new frame yourself.

For a watercolour or drawing Sigmund & Jocelyn will help you select the right shade of mount, then the type of frame (or moulding) that shows the artwork to maximum advantage. If necessary we’ll explain about the types of picture glass available. We’re happy to take time exploring options. Framing decisions are not to be rushed!

Picture_framers_chevronsCompetitive Prices

All Sigmund & Jocelyn’s framing is done from our Kings Heath home. We have access to a wide range of mouldings and varieties of glass at trade prices. Our charges compare favourably to those of High Street picture framers.


Our pictures are mounted to conservation standard. This means that the artwork is protected against deterioration. If in the future someone wants to take the picture apart to remount or reframe it, this can be done easily.


Choosing_picture_frame_patternsYou don’t have to buy one of Sigmund & Jocelyn’s pictures to use our service. We are happy to frame or reframe all sorts of artwork.


Sigmund & Jocelyn like a challenge. We’ve worked with contemporary artists – and art owners - on various special projects, involving unusual types of frame. No job is too small – or too large!